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6 Ways To Get Crazy Brand Followers

Customers will stand out for hours and wait for your product release. They will sing praises every chance they get- from lively online forums to awkward family gatherings. They will live and breathe your brand.

Sometimes they are downright loveable. Other times they can be a little intense- but one thing is sure: They are forever loyal. Apple has them, so has Zappos and Harley Davidson. How comes you become a brand that attracts the fanatical customer base?


1. Be good and stay authentic

Want your customers to love you so much that they are willing to tattoo your brand on their body? Create something that not only solves problems but also something that you are proud of. Then back up your high quality product with a humble sense of cool, and always treat your customers genuinely. They are too smart for anything less. The biggest reason brand advocates are so powerful is a single, five-letter word: Trust. In a recent Zuberance survey, 89 percent of advocates said their friends buy or consider purchasing the products and services they recommend.


2. Foster a close knit customer community

Give your customers a way to connect with you and share their ideas, ask questions, find answers and engage in conversation about your product and services. It shows them you care, build loyalty and gives them an outlet to profess their love for your brand (which will pique the intense of potential customers who are window shopping online)


3. Offer exclusive opportunities

Everyone likes to be unique and important. Imagine how customers will feel if they were told that they could get a sneak peek of you product and test out your beta product or rewarded with big discounts for being a loyal customers. Pretty darn special.

Harley Davidson tattoo

4. Suit up your brand

The “build it and they will come” adage doesn’t quit work when it comes to website and work. Good design it an important facet of customer respect that many brands often forget.

Offer user experience with intuitive website, design your app with a clean interface, and outfit your brand to an impeccable standards. Let’s face it looks often do matter. Bring it all together with an impeccable story. Learn how to dig deep and get clarity on YOUR great {brand} story so that your identity design is enduring, emotionally resonating,


5. Be social but also empathetic

It’s no surprise that brands most active on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites are also very ones that have some most enduring followers. But it’s not enough to merely exist on social media. Interact with your fans, make the laugh, be informative and really listen to theor needs and wants. Social media amplifies advocacy.

According to one market research firm, each time a consumer posts something on the social web it reaches a minimum of 150 people. As social media has weaved itself into the fiber of corporate culture, companies have begun to make organizational changes in order to evolve as social brands.


6. Involve people who matter the most

One of the most important things for loyal fans is a feeling as if they are a part of the business they are investing in. Give them a say, ask them directly for a feedback. Go a step further, and allow them to generate content for your brand. Fans are followers are different. Fans and followers may like you but not all of them recommend you.

Common Sense Branding

Common Sense Branding

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