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Twenty Five Random facts you didn’t know



Random fun and interesting facts that will leave you amazed. Did you know that


Kurt Cobain shot himself after a month Justin Bieber was born

28th June is the International Caps lock day

You have to walk for 7 hours to burn off super sized Coke, French fries and a Big Mac

Continuous farting for 6 years and 9 months would create energy equal to an atomic bomb

Average guys cry six times a year, while an average girls will empty her duct between 30-64 times

British people are drunk in 76% of their Facebook photos

In 100 years from now Facebook will have 500 million accounts of dead people

Common lies on internet- I have agreed the terms, status offline, I’m 18 years

Mouth the word colorful and it will look like ‘I love you’ if you lip read

There are 84 people in the USA names LOL

Oxford suggests, when you fall in love you lose 2 close friends

Men have nipples too, because an embryo is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in

The lion in MGM logo killed its trainer

Under SOPA you get 5 years for jail for uploading Michael Jackson song

Average cell phone contains more bacteria than toilet seats

You see your nose all the time, your brain ignores it

First man to survive going over Niagara falls died slipping on an orange peel

Hitler & Osama were announced dead on May 1st

99% backspace their whole password to correct a word

Jellyfish evaporates in the sun

First tear drops from the right eye is of happiness and from the left eye is pain

99% wet their tooth brush after applying the paste

Vanilla comes from the Latin word vagina

For a very short period you are the youngest person in the world

It would take 1000 years to watch all videos on YouTube


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