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Some stories don’t need to be long. These small few liners will keep you wondering about life. Read these and it will give you goose bumps for sure.

She was very excited today, after all, the school was re-opening after a long summer break. Now, once again, she could start selling stationary at the traffic signals.

She, a renowned artist and a strict mother, often scolded her 6 year old son, for he could never draw a straight line. As he breathed slowly into the ventilator, she begged him to make one more crooked line on the ECG.

Their love was different. She was happy every time he kicked her in the stomach. Every time he kicked she loved him more. She waited for the time she would hold her baby for the first time.

All my toys are Yours..!” Read her brother’s death note.”

Dad Left ! A Flag came back.

Born to rich parents, ‘This boy is so Lucky’, exclaimed the neighbours! Somewhere in the heaven three unborn sisters cried.

“You ruined my career, I was supposed to be the Executive Director”.
She thought to herself. The little angle held her finger tightly and she forgot everything. A Mother was Born.

Once a 5 year old boy was standing barefoot in the shallow water of the ocean, he was repeating the same sentences to the waves.
“Even if you touch my feet a thousand time, I would never forgive you for taking my parents away” .

One more time we were strangers,
but this time with memories.

God and Man met somewhere;
Both exclaimed “My Creator ! ”

He asked “Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?”
The reply came “I’m hungry sir”

“Wrong Number” said a familiar voice.

Her coffee was getting cold waiting for him to miss her.
While his cigarettes were running one after another trying to forget her.

What if after you die and God asks you:
“So.. , How was Heaven?”

I introduced myself to my mother again today.

Girl said “Mamma.. I am afraid of ghosts! Will you stay with me tonight?”
Mother replied “I can’t sweetheart, as you fear ghosts.”

A great many love stories came to an end,
the day Forever expired.

“For Sale!” Baby Shoes, Never worn.

“How long is forever.” she asked. “Sometimes just a second.” he said.

“Just Married” read the shattered windshield

  • 758
  • 413
  • 5
  • 260

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