Unbeatable 4 Skills for great managers



Managers need to manage and be successful. We all must have read somewhere about being effective managers and skills required like communication, listening, focus, empathy, leadership and many more.

I’m not at all doubting their importance, but in an organization if you can practice the four skills below, you will definitely be counted amongst the successful ones.

A common diagram in management is the Management Skills Pyramid, which maps directly to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid vs. Management and illustrates the skills a manager must master to be successful in successive steps.

However, the four skills required are – Good people, Clear expectations, Excellence and Care.

1. Select Good People

Management is about casting, finding people whose patterns of typical behavior match up with the role you need filled. Take time to find the right people that match your project and your organization’s need.

2. Define Clear Expectations

Less than 50% of employees claim, they know what is expected of them at work. The key is to work on defining expectations constantly, in virtually every meeting and conversation. Set very clear goals and expectations for your team to follow. As human we are used to getting deviated, this will bring focus.

3. Recognize Excellence immediately and Praise

Do this so that the consequences are certain, immediate, and positive. You should never worry about overpraising someone so long as the performance warrants it.

4. Show Care for your People

Research shows that workers who feel cared about are less likely to miss workdays; less likely to have accidents on the job; less likely to quit and more likely to advocate the company to friends and family.

Be deliberate and explicit about forging bonds. Tell your people that you care about them. Tell them that you want them to succeed. Keep their confidences. Learn about their personal lives and as far as you are able to; be willing to accommodate the challenges of their personal lives into their work schedules. This doesn’t mean being soft; the caring manager confronts poor performance much early.

Mediocre managers play checkers with their people. Great managers play Chess, using each person’s unique talents.

The one thing all great managers know about great managing is: “Discover what is unique about each person and capitalize on it.”


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By Vinit

Masters in Business Management he currently works as a marketer and a strategic planner. Loves to travel and write about technology, business trends and the ever changing world. He is effortlessly funny and consistently engaging.

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7 comments on “Unbeatable 4 Skills for great managers
  1. George Tekakis on said:

    Best and high preformed managers have:
    1. Innovative thinking
    2. Teamworking
    3. Sales minded
    4. Target focusing

  2. Sunil Khunteta on said:

    My top 3 are –
    C.E.O – C-Customer, E-employees, O-organizational focus
    1- C. Customer oriented, focused towards their satisfaction & success, internal / external
    2- Employees / People oriented, focused towards their satisfaction & success to get the results
    3- Organizational effectiveness focused – works on operational excellence, process & systems improvement
    To add the 4th one – I would say “Personal Effectiveness Focus”
    A great manager must be very effective as a person and following the 7 habits of highly effective people.

  3. Aravind Warrier on said:

    My thoughts:

  4. HotWire on said:

    Great comments Arvind & George. @ Dr. Vishwas: Task Master & Workaholic, can you please elaborate it a little more?

  5. Dr Vishwas Thakur on said:

    Positive Thinker(attitude) in difficult situations
    Leading from Front
    Not surrounded by ‘only favorites’
    Open to face criticism and having mutual respect with ALL
    Self Disciplined
    Task Master and Workoholic
    Talk minimum and doing first and then telling others to do………