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When you try to Fail & Succeed

A question, rather funny was asked to me: If you try to Fail and Succeed, what have you done?

No one likes failure. However, it comes to all of us. A totally legitimate fear is a fear of loosing what you have built. We live in societies obsessed with success and achievements, failures can be made to feel like the worst thing that could ever happen to a person.

The reality is that failure is common place, but so is overcoming it and pushing through to more successful endeavors in the future. Some people believe success always start with failures. Failures makes you tough, mature and humble. With age comes knowledge and tolerance.

“Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong, Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keep you Humble, Success keeps you Glowing, But Only God keeps u Going!”

Next time you spot a failure, fix it early. Remove emotions from the equation and take the right decisions.You must read Your Life Saving Secrets that will help you further. To answer this question, if you try to fail and succeed, you have actually failed and succeeded in failing.

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