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Defying the Gravity by Shadow Dance, Pilobolus

How does it feel to to fly in your dreams, defying gravity? That is exactly how you feel when you see Pilobolus. A dance company and Shadow theater group founded by a group of Dartmouth College students in 1971.

Their dance is a mix of athleticism and illusion. They create art by defying gravity with gymnastics and weight sharing. They are incredibly strong and continually form diverse collaborations that breaks down barriers between disciplines and challenge, the way we think about dance. Physically and intellectually, the company engages and inspires audiences around the world through performance, education and consultation.


Pilobolus propels itself in a variety of directions to reach these goals. The original company, Pilobolus Dance Theater, has been touring its 115 pieces of repertory to more than 64 countries over the last 42 years. It’s collaborative, creative and educational work takes place through the Pilobolus Lab. They teach creative methods to individuals and institutions. Watch the trailer.



Pilobolus has been featured across the world at the 79th Annual Academy Awards (2007) and recognized with several prestigious honors & awards. The Berlin Critic’s Prize, the Scotsman Award, the Brandeis Award, a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cultural Programming,and many more. They hold 2011 Guinness World Record for fitting the most people into a Mini Cooper (26); In was nominated for a Grammy Award for its interactive music.



TransformationTheir dance is poetic, artistic with new discoveries hard to explain. My favorite performance is SpongeBob’s writer Banks Transformation, in which a woman is playfully transformed into a half-human/ half-dog creature by a giant hand that molds her.

Transformation has a puppet-like childish feel and is whimsically delightful to watch. I was in an awe and Wow! What a gem of a performance. Watch it yourself.


Artistic director of Pilobolus, Robby Barnett says this about making connections outside of the dance floor,

The more I do outside of dance, the more I have to bring to my interest in dance. It’s sort of like cross-training I guess.


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