Remember The Roses, The Undying Mystery

Remember The Roses, The Undying Mystery

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The undying mystery of this story “Remember the Roses” by Avery Taylor (a British short story) has haunted me over a decade now.  The other day, while watching a mysterious movie thriller Perfume: The story of a murder, I could recall this story so fresh.

Years have gone by, but this story has never left me. I lost the book with this story, and after much struggle, I managed to get a scanned copy from Yamini.  Thanks! The story has its own dimensions that I’m yet to figure out.

perfumeThis story revolves around the Second World War. In 1933 Berlin, the Nazis, threatened to gain control over Germany. An American teenager ‘Robert’ witnesses the murder of his father as he attempted to save a French diplomat from the Nazis.

Ten years later,  Robert becomes a top special operations agent and is forced to confront his past nightmares. The Nazis captured a man entrusted by the Allies with detailed knowledge of the diplomat.

As the outcome of WWII, Robert is called upon by Allied High Command to infiltrate the Gestapo stronghold and silence the diplomat before he talks… to save the course of humanity. Robert is almost captured by the Nazis. A young girl called Jehane le Brun rescues him and helps him to locate and free Renard. When Robert returns to England, no one believes his account, Jenhane, probably the Joan of Arc, who had fought for France in 1429. He promises her roses, English roses.

Jenhane’s hand caught his wrist in a grip of steel.
Jenhane: That’s murder. Her voice was cold, as icy cold as her eyes, and he felt his fingers going numb.crucifix
Robert:  Let go before I drop it.
Jenhane: No, I won’t let you kill him.

Later, Robert realizes that he has fallen in love, only to realize that Jenhane may never have existed in real. It was much later the crucifix pays it off.

  ‘Au revoir, Jenhane.’ He bent and kissed her cheek, then lifted Renard onto his shoulder and started down the steps to the boat.

A mysterious love story with an undercurrent of thrills.

Indeed, I have converted it to a PDF. So please Download to Read the most enigmatic story of love I came across.

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