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Google Now Reminds Where You Parked Your Car

Google has quietly rolled out several enhancements to Google Search app for Android. Android Authority reports Google’s latest update has a new feature to remember where you parked your car and then give you directions on how to go back to that location.

Parking at large venues, malls, or big cities, can often get confusing and difficult at times. You can often see people walking around the parking lot, clicking the lock and unlock buttons on their keys, to trigger a sound or flash on their car so they can locate where they parked their car.


Google Now remembers where you parked your car and directs you to that location


How it Works

When you park your car, Google will ask you if you want to save this location as a Google Now card. Then when it is time to find your car, you go into Google Search, tap on the card and it can navigate you there using Google Maps.

There are mixed reports as of now, how well the accuracy works. We assume that in underground parking lots, with multiple levels, it won’t work that great. But over the time, when iBeacons become more popular, that may change providing us with better accuracy.


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