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Media will continue to converge and emerge without much debate. Mobile will continue to re-program our brains. Customers’ are turning to their smartphones for everything. Whatever the question is, the answer lies in their digital devices. You too want to be in your customers’ pockets.

As a marketer, your new battlegrounds for the customers are these “mobile moments“. The very instant your customer is seeking for an answer, a prospect is seen. Today, digital moments are redefining the customer relationships. Your customers are always on the move. They want interactions at fingertips.

moms using smartphones

– Moms using Smartphones

Think about the rise, engagement and success of WhatsApp, SnapChat, Beat, etc.

Results show, The number of US mothers using smartphones increasing every year.

Believe it or not, but you need to be there! Your customers will embrace you, stay with you, deepening their loyalty and providing valuable info that marketers can use further to improve their relationship with customers.

Most popular and used apps in the US:
Popular Apps

Source: Mashable

Marketers are facing fragmentation with everything from app development technology to juggling multiple vendors for creating and formatting content across screens, all while trying to refine their digital strategies to monetize both audiences and revenues.

The moment of elation for any mobile strategist or a marketer or a CMO is, when s/he is approached to develop a Mobile App.

As a marketer it can be painful wondering how to engage customers through mobile in this social driven arena. How to get them use your application? The right segmentation, targeting and position is required. But you must also understand mobile development stages and the IDEA cycle.IDEA Cycle

  1. Identifying the mobile moments & context
  2. Design the mobile engagement.
  3. Engineer the platforms, processes, and people
  4. Analyze results, monitor performance and optimize outcomes

In order to capture and succeed in a customer’s digital behavior & mobile moments, first, you must understand a customer’s journey and identify their needs, the context at each potential moment. Later, design your applications for multi-channel engagement.

As a marketer you want a lot of interaction.Tune your applications according to your customers’ needs, you need to know what is working and what’s not – and where the opportunity lies.

A marketer needs to master the IDEA cycle for most of their digital movements. It’s your best bet when you apply your mind to those mobile applications and your marketing geniuses.

The tools and methods used to track media engagement and activity are as fragmented as the digital devices themselves. In order to drive credibility, the industry needs to make sure that marketers are measuring interactions. In the end, we still are trying to solve customers’ need.

Now , its your time to communicate your ideas. What do you Think?



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